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WIB General Interest Meeting - Spring 2016

A few of our board members preparing for the GIM.

Starting from left to right: Esther Arma, Sonam Sewnath, Kseniya Kosmina, Christina Law, and Farrah Gerasta.

WIB: General Interest Meeting

(Spring 2016)

What is WIB? WIB is a College Association that stands for Women in Business, the largest professional female organization within Bernard M. Baruch since its founding in 2005. It has been recognized as the Most Outstanding Organization for 2009 and 2011 respectively. Our organization recognizes the potential found within every woman. Our mission is to supply them with the skills, resources, motivation, and training necessary to become successful leaders in the business world.

WIB stands by three core values: Mentorship, Meritocracy, and Mobility. We believe in supporting one another through peer and professional mentorship. All hard work and dedication will be recognized through the achievements and work that you’ve earned. Positions are distributed on a meritocratic basis.

Each semester, we conduct a General Interest Meeting (GIM) to give the undergraduate female population an opportunity to grow themselves within our organization. This spring semester, our GIM was hosted by Farrahlee Gerasta, the Vice President of Fundraising, and Kseniya Kosmina, the Vice President of Membership, on Thursday, February 11th.

Being that it was their first time hosting GIM, it was an wondrous experience. Farrah said, “I was excited to host this event because it is different from the type of events I usually host. I also had a chance to work with a fellow board member, Kseniya.” Farrah and Kseniya worked seamlessly together, referring back to previous GIM’s for inspiration. Their partnership and hard work was rewarded with a 10% higher turnout than expected.

With the help and support of WIB’s board members, Kseniya and Farrah’s success at the GIM introduces a large pool of new members that WIB is very interested in working with in the near future.

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