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        WIB's Member Development Program fosters an environment where members can grow individually, as part of a team, and as professionals. Member Development (MD) hosts events targeting personal growth and the development of soft skills, which allow members to realize and activate their potential through activities, workshops, and various discussions. There are three highly-interactive MD events every semester, and they serve as a great way for members to expand their networks by meeting new people. Previous event topics include emotional intelligence, understanding burnout, effective teamwork, and finding happiness in our daily lives. Finally, we also host an annual feminism event, reminding our members of the importance of striving for equality


        WIB’s Philanthropy events are primarily focused on providing members with the opportunity of giving back, impacting others, and making positive changes in our communities. Traditionally, this change has been carried out through active volunteering opportunities with local non-profits. However, we also engage in rigorous workshops and info sessions centered around gaining awareness and deeper knowledge on imminent social issues and learning about ways in which we can all participate in this activism and advocacy.

        Among our volunteering sessions, we have participated in the Breast Cancer Walk for the American Cancer Society, the Brain Tumor Walk and the Holy Apostles soup kitchen. All these events have been held on weekends either Saturday or Sunday. Furthermore, we have also collaborated with multiple local activists, supporting their smaller-scaled organizations.


        The Professional Events Committee is responsible for hosting events that provide professional development opportunities and resources to help members gain exposure to the business world. Each event pertains to a different topic, industry, or company and allows professionals to share their professional and personal experiences and advice with all the members. Furthermore, members also have the opportunity to connect with these professionals in order to grow their professional network.


        Pink and Denim Day (PDD) is one of WIB’s largest fundraising events of the fall semester, which aims to raise awareness and proceeds for the American Breast Cancer Society’s: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Although the event typically takes place during the fall semester, this year it is being held during the spring semester. Since the event is taking place over Zoom yet again, there will be more auctions from small businesses and fun activities such as Pie the President! This event aims to educate students about Breast Cancer by bringing in guest speakers, all while raising money to support the cause and having a great time!



        Style Your Success is an award-winning annual charity fashion show hosted by the Baruch Chapter of the Collegiate Association of Women in Business. We host an audience ranging from 100 (when virtual) to 200 (in person) people. Onlookers made up of Baruch students, faculty and outside guests are treated to 4 segments ranging from Business Professional to Day to Night outfits, providing them with a sense of what attire is appropriate for different business settings. Audiences are also treated to other elements of SYS including raffles, auctions and performances.

        All of the proceeds from this event are donated to the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life with the hopes of helping researchers find a cure for cancer and provide resources for those suffering from cancer. SYS was held for its 13th year on December 2, 2021 serving a virtual audience for the 2nd time. It has also won Best Social Event for two consecutive years during the annual Bernies award show hosted by the Baruch College Undergraduate Student Government.


Resilient, Independent, Strong, Empowered

        R.I.S.E is WIB’s large-scale fundraiser which raises awareness and proceeds for an organization that empowers women. R.I.S.E stands for Resilient, Independent, Strong, and Empowered, which highlights the characteristics of all women. The event took place during the fall 2021 semester on Tuesday, October 19 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on Zoom. The event featured 15 small businesses who graciously donated their items to be auctioned off during the event. The small business owners also participated in a series of exciting minute-to-win-it style challenges. During the two-hour event over $1100 was donated to the organization called Women Beyond Survival.



        The Pearls of Wisdom Leadership Conference (POW) is an annually held professional and fundraising event by Women In Business. Pearls of Wisdom is an award-winning event that has been recognized by the Baruch student body as its “Best Professional Event” for four consecutive years. Over 100 professional guests and Baruch students, including men and women, are in attendance each year. This year, Pearls of Wisdom will be held for the fifteenth time. In tradition with previous years, all proceeds raised from the Conference will be donated to a dedicated cause.

        The Conference brings together over 20 phenomenal female professionals to engage in compelling conversations with students while sharing their knowledge, experiences, and best career advice. In connecting our undergraduate guests with these powerful, successful, and inspirational female leaders, we hope that students will be empowered by and be able to utilize the guidance, or “pearls of wisdom,” received while embarking on their own journeys toward a professional career and beyond.

Open Board Meetings(OBMs)

Open Board Meetings, led by the Executive President, are a great opportunity for members to gain a holistic sense of WIB’s functions and goals. Members get an insight into the board, operations, and strategy of WIB, as board members bring their regular meetings into an open format. During OBMs, the VPs review events they have hosted, share committee updates, and discuss tasks, activities, and challenges they are undergoing, in addition to seeking feedback from members. Additionally, members can ask the Board any questions about the organization, responsibilities, planning process, etc. Each semester, the Executive President hosts 3 Open Board Meetings, hence is a valuable chance to identify various areas of Women in Business, ask questions, and understand more about where your interests lie

WIB Spotlight Events

        At the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year, Women in Business initiated a novel program of events hosted by the Executive President and her Executive Assistants committee, coined WIB Spotlight. WIB Spotlight events are designed to give members the platform to directly connect with and learn about companies, and their career opportunities, which may be otherwise taxing to obtain information and experience on. It is outlined to further the professional development aspect of our mission and at least 4 are held each semester. The Executive Assistants committee hosts a multitude of firms that are willing to share information and tips regarding their business and internship/full-time application process. Additionally, The Executive President also hosts an Interviewing Workshop each semester through this line of events, prior to the interviews season of WIB’s semesterly recruitment, to educate members on best practices. In previous semesters, we have partnered with organizations such as National Futures Association, VanEck, Accenture, and AmplifyMe.

Cross-Committee Events

At the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year, Women in Business initiated a novel program of events hosted by any 2 committees within the organization, coined Cross-Committee events. These events bring 2 committees together by collaborating on a unique event that intersects both committees’ expertise, and leverages the synergy to host events with a fresh perspective, giving members a chance to learn and experience an innovative event. Cross-Committee events are additional, on top of the regular events that many committees host, and at least 3 are held each semester. These events enable creativity among members, provide them with an inside peek into how a committee other than their own operates, and promote the social factor of the organization.

WIB Talks

A WIB Talk is a small-scale event in which a Vice President dedicates a specific topic of their interest and/or passion, that may be of significant importance, to introduce and educate members on. These events can be held by VPs individually, or with their committees. They are tailored towards members to gain knowledge, discuss, and analyze as a collective. These events also stimulate development through activities that members can participate in, and receive feedback on. At minimum, 3 WIB Talks are held each semester, all of which cover a variety of topics at the VP’s discretion. Past topics include open discussions on entrepreneurship, personal branding, mental health, professionalism, and self-empowerment.

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