The Collegiate Association of Women in Business (WIB) is the largest female professional organization within Baruch College. 

WIB is specifically geared towards the undergraduate population, as it promotes the professional and personal development of young students. In 2005, Women in Business was established with the fundamental idea of creating an avenue for women to empower themselves in the business world. WIB has come a long way since 2005, and we are proud to have been acknowledged by Baruch College as the Most Outstanding Organization for two consecutive years (2009-2011). 

The Collegiate Association of Women in Business recognizes the potential within each member of our team.  Our mission is to provide young women with the skills, resources, motivation, and training necessary to become successful leaders in the business world.  We seek to empower our members, encourage them to develop, and inspire them to undertake challenges, both personal and professional. 





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