12/10 Baruch WIB Fall 2020 Induction Ceremony

"This event was so cute Spring, thank you so much for organizing such a nice event for us we appreciate you so much :)))"

-Cristina Ciacciarelli

"So cute! Loved the re-cap video and the personal stories!"

-Anwaar Barakat

"Such an awesome event!!!!"

-Nikoletta Markou

"The induction ceremony was really cute!!"

-Naya Robinson

"This was so cute and well organized!! IC never disappoints"

-Emma Sassouni

"I LOVED THE SLIDES!! The vibes are great and I love the speeches of the members about their experiences. It was interesting to see how people grew within WIB and see how far they've come."

-Cirill Florenz Dalangin

"I love how everyone share their memories of the semester in the end. Thank you to my WIB family, I love you all."

-Amy Liu



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Collegiate Association of Women in Business.

Baruch College

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