11/3 Building Your LinkedIn Profile

"This event was great and insightful!"

-Jacob Lam 

"Event was very informative and I'm more confident on how to set up/ structure my LinkedIn"

-Ashley Espinosa

"This was a very informative event! I have no prior experience with LinkedIn, but Paige explained in-depth where to start building your profile, how to connect with others, and most importantly how to navigate the platform. After this event I feel ready to create a profile of my own."

-Arianna Verapen

"Very informative! I've learned new tips and tricks to help me stand out to employers"

-Isabel Perez

"Honestly, it was great to be able to ask as many questions without fear of judgement as we are all in the same level of expertise more or less."

-Victoria Kenney

"Paige did an amazing job! I learned a lot!"

-Caitlin Cusack



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