10/15 Pink and Denim Day

"Loved it! Great job making it fun even online! "

-Nidhi Shah

"I think the Fundraising and Philanthropy, as well everyone else that contributed to the event, really did a great job. I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would considering the circumstances. It was a really engaging event and a true success overall!"

- Emily Rodriguez Cabrera

"I loved the Telethon!! The positive energy was so contagious and I found myself smiling the entire time. Also enjoyed hearing from our guest singers!"

- Katherine Quach

"Amazing event, everyone did a fantastic job and I learned so much about the early signs of breast cancer and possible causes for it, the performers were great, and I applaud all the hard work everyone put into making it a success."

- Perla Sanchez

"Even though the event was through zoom, the energy was AMAZING and everyone who contributed did a wonderful job."

-Ashley Espinosa



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Collegiate Association of Women in Business.

Baruch College

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