11/19 Association for Information Systems: Women in Tech Panel (Co-Host)

"Great insight into how women fit into tech! Listening to the journeys these women took to find their dream careers is inspiring and lets students know there is no one set path to tech. You can come from anywhere as long as you have the heart and the will to pursue what you want to do."

-Spring Chang

"I loved how honest and detailed the panelists are in answering the questions!"

-Cirill Florenz Dalangin

11/19 Philanthropy #2: New York Cares – The Way to Volunteer

"I didn’t know about these volunteer opportunities before, thank you!"

-Odalys Fabian

"So relevant and informational!"

-Emma Sassouni

11/19 Member Development #3: Burn Bright, Not Out

"I really enjoyed all the activities, especially the drawing one"

-Amandeep Kaur

"loved how interactive it was! Helped de-stress amongst the crazy work week."

-Nidhi Shah

"Loved this event! Activities were super fun!"

-Sanjna Puri

"I thought this event was amazing! It was fun bonding with the other members and I loved how the event was successful in taking my mind off anything stressful with the Skribbl activity."

-Su Hyun Park

"Loved all the interactive activities! MD never lets us down :)"

-Emma Sassouni-

"This event was very informative and interactive. I enjoyed the topic as well as the activities"

-Naya Robinson

11/17 Fundraising #2: Polish Your Morning Routine

"It was an amazing informative event! The presentation was also very aesthetically pleasing. Props to Sim and her committee for encouraging and beginning an open and interesting conversation at the end of the event."

-Gabriella Russo-

"Learned a lot from the event. Listening to other peoples morning routines made me think about how I want to adjust my morning routines and what habits I want to break and create."

-Ashley Espinosa

"I loved this event! I struggle with sleeping habits and waking up in the morning with a consistent routine, so hearing from both the committee and the audience really helped me plan out a morning routine of my own. We also shared skincare routines, which was so insightful!!"

-Katherine Quach

"I loved how we ending up learning about skincare, helpful food choices, and bedtime recommendations. I can’t wait to fix my morning routine!"

-Lakshmi Sewdass

"This event encouraged the audience to break bad habits and create new ones... I loved it! Toward the end we shared our own routines that may be beneficial to others... this included skincare which was super helpful (:"

-Isabel Perez



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