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  • 2/25 Project SYS: Spring 2021


    -Erica Sheludenko

    "I loved raising money for a good cause ! The auctions and raffles were very unique."

    -Tulsi Sewdass

    "Such an amazing interactive fun event!! Really loved every single part of SYS and I loved the energy. Thank you so much for putting this together! Made my week :)"

    -Lisary Velez

    "Virtual SYS was one of my favorite WIB events thus far! There were so many performances, raffles, and outfits. I loved it and the SYS committee did an amazing job!"

    -Electra Economopoulos

    "Wow this event blew my mind! Making it virtual is so hard but the SYS committee was able to pull it off. I am so proud of everyone who participated. All for a wonderful cause <3"

    -Spring Chang

    "Absolutely amazing! So much love and effort was put into this event💗"

    -J’aime Solitario

    "This was such a fun and amazing event! The fashion show was amazing and all the events were super fun!!!"

    -Aya Osman

    "Such an amazing event! The performers killed it, the auctioned artworks were so beautiful, and Michelle's mocktails looked awesome!! 10/10 event!! Shoutout to the SYS committee for working so hard for this to happen!!"

    -Cirill Florenz Dalangin


    -Nikoletta Markou

    "Successful event!! The raffles & auctions were so much fun! Loved the performers & mocktails with Michelle! (:"

    -Isabel Perez

  • 2/25 Fundraising #1: Think Big, Start Small - Where's Your Self-Esteem?

    "I loved today’s event! I have been trying to work on my self esteem and this event was able to provide me with helpful tips & resources!!"

    -Susan Kim

    "I like the icebreakers in this event! So engaging and inspiring!"

    -Amy Liu

    "I loved the cute videos the fundraising committee included. I’m definitely adding more positive affirmations to my list that others shared at the event! (:"

    -Isabel Perez

  • 2/23 Member Development #1: Getting Into The Habit

    "I thought this event was super informative and fun!"

    -Colleen Zeng

    "So much fun! I loved hearing everyone’s good and bad habits because I could definitely relate to all of them. Excited for the next event!!"

    -Susan Kim

    "I have learned so much more about habits I didn’t even realize! Thank you!"

    -Diana Umpierrez

    "The powerpoint is soooo cute! So motivated to do my 30-day habit challenge now"

    -Snigdha Sarker

    "I loved the coin toss activity about implementing new habit.

    Tulsi Sewdass-I enjoyed getting to know one another and chatting in the breakout rooms."

    -Dominika Kwiecien

    "It was very interactive, it was nice to speak in break out room about our bad habits and how I should tackle these habits."

    -Anna Zeng

    "I loved the breakout rooms and the interaction =)"

    -Anwaar Barakat

    "This event has encouraged me to break a bad habit of mine: to stop buying Starbucks... I know it won't be easy but with the tips/advice I've learned I think I have a chance of actually following through with it (:"

    -Isabel Perez

    "This event was so fun!! I got to understand different ways to make and implement good habits!!"

    -Unaisa Ansari

  • 2/18 Professional Event #2: EY Women Leaders Panel

    "Very informational and casual enough to make the conversations very personable!"

    -Laura Caraballo

    "Professional Committee events always making me feel so motivated. Love this event and the panelists. Amazing work!!"

    -Sonel Rubinstein

    "Very insightful panel!"

    -Cirill Florenz Dalangin

    "Wonderful informational event! The presenters had great insight on how to speak up in the workplace and make sure you are getting heard. One piece of advice I took away was that the best way to get ahead is through knowledge. Always make sure you are learning, take that knowledge, and apply it to your work. It will be recognized!"

    -Spring Chang

    "It was so informative"

    -Hanna Mykhalko

  • 2/11 ATHENA Info Session

    "Organized very well with a great flow and lots of information!"

    -Emma Sassouni

    "This event helped me understand more of what I’d get out of joining the Athena program and was detailed. I’m excited to join!"

    -Anastasia Slivkina

    "I enjoyed hearing about the mentor/mentee experiences! It made me excited to apply!"

    -Anwaar Barakat

    "This event was extremely helpful and informative! I felt extremely welcomed and comfortable while getting to know the board members. It was nice to hear some goals of theirs because I have similar goals as well!"

    -Susan Kim

    "I loved this event so much! It was super informational and it really helped calm my nerves in thinking about joining the ATHENA program!"

    -Aya Osman

    "Love the event! It was very straightforward and informational. It allowed me to learn more about the ATHENA membership program and what to expect as a potential mentee."

    -Tina Chen

    "I liked learning that a lot of the mentors in Athena are past or current WIB members. I am so glad to have the opportunity to apply for this exclusive mentorship program."

    -Lakshmi Sewdass



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