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How to Improve Your Skincare Routine

Throughout the years, especially with the rise of makeup and skincare gurus, we have come to learn the benefits of a proper skincare routine. From waking up in the morning to freshly cleanse our skin to layering on that extra layer of soothing moisturizer, we all have our unique, individualized regimens. Despite taking the initiative to care for our skin, we all can use some tips and tricks to improve our current methods. The following are some pieces of advice we all can incorporate into our skincare routines to see more effective results.

1. Sticking to the right products for your skin type.

If you don’t know your skin type, there's no reason to fret! Sephora offers an innovative digital tool that measures the moisture level of your skin, to fit you into the 4 basic skin type categories: Normal Skin, Oily Skin, Dry Skin, and Combination Skin.

- Normal Skin may indicate that your skin’s pH level is balanced, meaning it is not prone to high sensitivity and break-outs. If you have Normal Skin, you need to stick to products that are light to medium weight so that you are not disturbing the balance of your skin.

- Oily Skin is prone to breakouts due to large pores, often in the T-zone region of the face. Your face is most likely very sensitive to weather changes, hormonal imbalances, and/or humidity levels. To tackle Oily Skin it is recommended to use a light foaming cleanser that won’t strip your face, and follow up with a lightweight or gel moisturizer to avoid overstimulating sebaceous glands.

- Dry Skin is even more prone to sensitivity and irritation! If you find your skin peeling, cracking, or inflamed, this can most likely occur because of hormonal changes, weather changes, and ingredients in cosmetic and cleansing products. It is important to avoid soap-based cleansers that will further strip your face of the necessary hydration, and switch over to more hydrating cleansers. Stock up on hydrating serums and thick moisturizers to improve skin health and clear up that rough texture–especially in the colder seasons!

- Combination Skin is very complex compared to the other 3 categories. That is because your face can have some very oily parts, such as the T-zone area, but also have random dry patches all over. If you have this skin type, you probably encounter blackheads and have low levels of skin elasticity. Stick to gentle cleansers, mattifying products for your oily T-zones, and a lightweight but effective moisturizer.

2. Tools, tools, tools!

It’s best to note that when it comes to skincare, our hands are the ultimate, affordable tools. However, here are some suggestions if you want to spice up your routine and get greater results!

- Throw out your makeup remover wipes. These can most definitely strip your skin of hydration, especially if you have Oily, Dry, and Combination Skin. The pulling motion of the makeup on the face can also make you more prone to wrinkles far sooner than average. We DO NOT want that!

- Add a jade roller or guasha to not only reduce the appearance of wrinkles but also sculpt your face to look more lifted and vibrant! It is also a perfect tool to help you unwind and relax those tense facial muscles. You can store these tools in the fridge to aid more with depuffing.

3. Apply your products in the correct order.

If your product isn’t working as effectively as you would hope, you’re probably not applying it in the right order. For both morning and night routines, it is crucial to apply products from lightest to thickest. That means in the morning you would first go in with cleanser, toner, serums, moisturizer, and then sunscreen. Ensure that your sunscreen is not too lightweight compared to your moisturizer because that can cause pilling–flakes or tiny globes or product build-up that appears on the skin. Ensure that you do the same for your night routine.

4. Consistency is key.

The most important skincare advice is to stay consistent! Although it may become tedious at times, the results we desire aren’t going to happen overnight. We need to be dedicated, and constantly shower our skin with love!

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