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March MVM: Nubraska Gallardo

Join Women in Business in celebrating March's Most Valuable Member, Nubraska Gallardo! Nubraska, a finance major, was thrilled yet stunned to have earned the recognition as a prospective member, being less than one semester into her WIB career. “Honestly, I have no idea,” she stated, when asked of the path to her success. Surely, there was more to her humble response--more which would reflect the confident, fearless, go-getter revealed in our interview. In reaching out to Melissa Lee, Vice President of Fundraising, such a path was affirmed to have been built by the dedication and abilities brought forth by Ms. Gallardo, who took her first-time role as Event Coordinator of Fundraising by storm.

As stated by the VP, “Nubraska is such a great committee member and the growth I have seen in her in the last few months is amazing. She really stepped up during our last fundraising event where she lead not one but two activities confidently and did such a great job.”

Whilst these and other achievements have been witnessed by the fundraising committee and her fellow WIB members, Nubraska’s tenacity and eagerness to learn can be seen by all in her academic career. As a transfer student, Nubraska matriculated into Baruch College in the spring of 2016. In the true spirit of a woman in business, she found her own way in a new environment, walking herself into a general interest meeting this spring of 2018, now, a Junior in her degree track. “I already knew I wanted to be a WIB member,” she stated, also citing the added incentives of food, games, and chocolate hearts at events like Galentine’s Day--coincidentally, hosted by the Fundraising committee, the very members whom she would eventually join.

To date, Nubraska has truly tested the capacity of her time as a woman in business, contributing to the success of R.I.S.E 2018, forming friendships, and finding leadership in organizing ice breakers and more for her committee’s events.

Sadly, our member of the month will only be sharing her talents with us for one more semester, as the Event Coordinator is set to graduate in December of 2018. When asked of advice for those seeking to gain from their time within the organization, Nubraska stated, “Don’t hinder on not getting a certain spot. You will always have an opportunity to grow.”

Until then, Nubraska is certain to continue her growth, attain her Finance degree, and hopefully, share her pursuits in drawing, YouTubing, beauty, and fashion.

Congratulations Nubraska! We are so happy to have you and look forward to your future successes.

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