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  • Amberley Canegitta

Member Development: Boosting Your Productivity

“She turned her can’ts into can’s and her dreams into plans.”

On Valentine’s Day, nearly 30 WIB girls sat down and discussed “The Importance of Being Productive: The Perks of Timelines,” presented to them by the Member Development Committee.

Here, the girls tackled the question: Why do you think productivity is important?

With many hands raised and opinions given, the members came to the consensus that productivity allows them to 1) enjoy their leisure worry-free, and 2) reduce stress in the workplace.

Although it’s good to see the redeeming qualities of productivity, many fail to engage in productive behavior. This is due to what the Member Development Committee labeled “unhealthy distractions”; things that prevent people from becoming the productive person they can truly strive to be. Some distractions include Netflix, social media, and most importantly, watching Netflix and engaging in social media because of procrastination.

So the question is: How do we stop ourselves from becoming distracted and put our procrastination aside?

1. Create a daily task list

a. Break down your projects

Not only does putting important tasks on a calendar make the matter seem more urgent to fulfill, but many WIB members who already use planners to outline their daily tasks, realize that even just checking an item off the list gives them a sense of satisfaction. Some key tips on making a daily task list is to personalize it to fit your needs. If writing down tasks instead of typing them helps you get things done, you can put that into motion. Also, using a variety of colors, changing how large wording is based on how urgent the task is, or drawing pictures pertaining to the task at hand can help you become more motivated to perform it.

Another key factor is breaking down your projects. Even though a planner is beautifully organized for tasks, some might feel overwhelmed by the size of a project and continue to put it off until it’s too late! In order to combat that, splitting the project into multiple parts that are easier to process can help tremendously.

2. Your Health Matters Too

Many people think being healthy has nothing to do with productivity, but it’s important to remember that both your physical and mental health greatly impact productivity. Keeping your body healthy will allow you to be fully energized to complete the tasks at hand. Important health factors include exercising, eating breakfast, avoiding mindless eating and, of course, spending time with your friends. Spending time with your friends is known to decrease stress levels and keep happiness levels high, which makes it better for a person to complete a task. If one of your tasks is to study, a good idea is to study with friends which will help you feel energized.

3. Goal Diggers

The last and final step to becoming more productive is setting a goal for yourself.

Step one: Write down three goals you have for this semester.

Step two: Come up with a plan of action to fulfill these goals.

Step three: Don’t forget to put these plans on your daily task list, and take care of your body!

Share in the comment section below your goals and how you plan to achieve them productively!

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