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ATHENA Networking Info Session

Mentor biographies that were presented to mentees during the information session.

ATHENA - Leading with Wisdom and Courage

The Collegiate Association of Women In Business at Bernard M. Baruch established a novel mentorship program, coined ATHENA, in Spring 2015. Being that Mentorship is one of WIB’s three core values (Meritocracy and Mobility), the creation of this program marks a significant milestone in WIB history. ATHENA provides members with the ability to become a mentor or mentee through a peer-professional dynamic to enhance professional and academic development, while providing comfort and room to foster stronger relationships.

Spring 2016 marks the third semester of ATHENA’s existence. Furthermore, it is the first semester in which alumnae and full year members can participate in the program as mentors--consequently bolstering up the number of potential mentees to a record high of 19 students. Sunny Liu, Vice President of Mentorship, is leading this semester’s program with high hopes and anticipation. Being a mentee last semester to former President, Anum, Sunny learned a lot and is very appreciative to all the help and support she received from her mentor. Even now, the two maintain a strong relationship. As Vice President, Sunny is excited to share her prior mentoring experience through ATHENA with the women of WIB. Overseeing the program gives her a sense of pride as her position actively allows her to watch members grow.

The ATHENA Information Session was held on Thursday, February 11th. Members who attended were excited to not only gain more information of what the program has to offer, but to also get a chance to network with their potential mentors. There was a common consensus on what most members wanted from the program: professional guidance at a peer level to grow as an individual and to foster new friendships. And that is exactly what ATHENA offers.

Sabrina Mohan from the Marketing committee stated, “I feel very excited to be a mentee. The program has so much to offer. All of the mentors are smart and educated women that I aspire to be like. I’m happy this program is in place because many college students don’t have the access to peer-to-peer professional guidance. ATHENA is a great resource and I look forward to working with my mentor soon!”

According to Sunny, this semester’s turnout of members interested in the ATHENA program was much higher in comparison to previous semesters. With such positive feedback thus far, WIB is confident that ATHENA will grow, like its members, into a stronger program every semester.

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