WIB's committees are the heart of the organization. Every committee plays an integral role in aiding Women in Business function as the large, well-oiled machine that it is. Each committee is composed of a chairperson (a board member), at least one co-chairperson (a prospective or inducted member), at least one assistant (a prospective or inducted member), and several committee members (prospective and/or inducted members). The structure of each committee, however, is up to the discretion of the committee chair.


As of Spring 2022, WIB has the following committees available:

The Alumnae Relations committee is chaired by the Vice President of Alumnae Relations and is responsible for organizing and managing monthly alumnae events, as well as generating a monthly alumnae newsletter. The goal is to build a network between WIB members and alumnae. 

The Corporate Relations committee is in charge of securing corporate sponsors for WIB events as well as maintaining strong relationships with representatives from the corporations and ensuring that each cooperation is being properly represented throughout every event.

Executive Assistants

The Executive Assistants committee is chaired by the Executive President and is responsible for maintaining day-to-day operations of WIB as a whole, facilitating communication between the WIB Board, members, and external organizations, and hosting 3+ company information sessions each semester called WIB Spotlight events.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is chaired by the Vice President of Fundraising and orchestrates monthly social events with the goal of raising funds for WIB. The fundraising committee also spearheads two large scale annual events: PDD and RISE, whose proceeds are donated to charity.

Corporate Relations  Committee
& IT Committee

The Graphics & IT Committee is chaired by the Vice President of Graphics and IT, and is responsible for creating flyers and other visual content for WIB events, as well as managing the WIB website and online store. 

Internal Communications

The Internal Communications committee is chaired by the Vice President of Internal Communications and is responsible for spearheading the Annual Fall and Spring Induction ceremonies alongside developing opportunities to promote for cross-committee acquaintanceship.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is chaired by the Vice President of Marketing and is responsible for managing and maintaining all WIB social media platforms, as well as creating promotional content for WIB events and keeping everyone connected.

Member Development Committee

The Member Development Committee is chaired by the Vice President of Member Development and is in charge of hosting interactive workshops, that provide our members with tips to develop their soft skills and help with personal growth.

Mentorship Committee

The ATHENA committee is chaired by the Vice President of Mentorship and is responsible for conducting and managing the exclusive WIB mentorship program, ATHENA. The goal of the committee is to provide a platform of effective peer/alumnae mentorship for WIB inducted members.

Pearls of Wisdom Committee

The POW committee is chaired by the Executive Vice President and is chiefly charged with spearheading the largest professional event of the year, the Pearls of Wisdom Leadership Conference, which takes place every March. They are also responsible for organizing the Fall Leadership Summit in November.

Philanthropy Committee

The Philanthropy committee is chaired by the Vice President of Philanthropy and is responsible for organizing volunteer events for WIB members. 

Professional Events Committee

The Professional Events committee is chaired by the Vice President of Professional Events and is responsible for implementing and managing WIB's non-annual professional events. The goal of this committee is to provide members substantial exposure to the business world.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations  committee is chaired by the Vice President of Publications and is responsible for generating the weekly WIB newsletter, as well as producing content for the WIB blog.

Style Your Success Committee

The SYS Committee is chaired by the Executive Secretary and is responsible for hosting the annual  Style Your Success Fashion Show, showcasing fashion styles for different business settings in order to raise money for charity.


The Treasury committee is chaired by the Executive Treasurer and is in charge of handling and monitoring WIB's budget throughout the academic year.